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The Book

cover of book: What has passed and what remains

What Has Passed and What Remains: Oral Histories of Northern Arizona’s Changing Landscapes
Edited by Peter Friederici
Photographs by Dan Boone and Ryan Belnap
University of Arizona Press, 2010

Ferrell Secakuku remembers the ancient farming practices of his Hopi people but saw them replaced by a cash economy. Sheep rancher Joe Manterola recalls watching hardscrabble farms on what is now tree-studded grassland on Garland Prairie. Navajo Rose Gishie once saw freshly dug holes fill with clean, drinkable water where none rises today.

All over northern Arizona, people have seen the landscapes change, and livelihoods with them. In this compelling book they share their stories. Thirteen narratives—from ranchers, foresters, scientists, Native American farmers, and others—tell how northern Arizona landscapes and livelihoods reflect rapid social and environmental change.

The book carves a wide swath, from the Arizona Strip to the Mogollon Rim, from valleys near Prescott to the New Mexico line. It takes readers to the Bar Heart Ranch north of Williams and to the Doy Reidhead Ranch southeast of Holbrook, to the forests of Flagstaff and the mesas of Indian country.

What Has Passed and What Remains is illustrated with selected archival photographs and with dozens of contemporary images from photographers Dan Boone and Ryan Belnap. It brings environmental change down to earth by allowing us to see it through the eyes of those who watched it all happen.

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Publication of What Has Passed and What Remains was supported by the NAU Landsward Institute.

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